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The Building Of A teardrop Camper Trailer

We pride ourselves on quality, which means good things come to those wait. We make to order, customising your trailer to your needs and specifications. This means it can take up to 3 months to build a basic camper. However, it can be sooner, depending on the model.

A. Yes soft off road and full off road.

A. They release formaldehyde which can be damaging to your health.

A. It can hide mould as there is always some level of condensation in extreme cold weather with two
people inside such a small space.

A. All our chassis are hot dipped galvanizing after welding, this is the highest corrosion resistant

A. No, using pre-galvanised steel is next to useless as the welding melts of the galvanizing, hence
opening up rust issues.

A. Yes, our campers are built in 2 factories in South Windsor and all steel work in Windsor NSW.

A. Times can vary on model selection, we will be carrying the Brumby LS in stock in basic format so
they can be optioned to suit customer requirements for faster delivery, in this case could be as fast
as 2 weeks. Custom orders 6-8 weeks in normal conditions.

A. We want to achieve the lowest emissions possible for the safety / wellbeing of our customers

Yes, we do make off-road teardrop camper trailers. Please contact us to talk about your requirements.

The teardrop camper trailer is the perfect lightweight camper trailer for small cars.
The average weight of a teardrop camper on the market is between 250kgs (5000lbs) and 1600kgs (3200lbs), however most teardrops weigh around 500kgs (1000lbs). Those that are more than 750kgs are heavier trailers, typically double-deckers or vehicles with lots of amenities.

Here at The Teardrop Camper Company, our range is between 330kg – 760kg, making them very lightweight.

The lightest trailer is The Executive which weighs 330kg.

Customising My Teardrop Camper Trailer

A. Yes to a certain extent, please contact us to talk about your requirements.

Yes, we do custom-build our campers to a degree. Just give us a call to talk about your requirements.

Yes, please chat with us to discuss the different options.

No, the bed is a fixed length.

How Much Does A Teardrop Camper Cost

We offer affordable and competitive pricing for our Teardrop Campers. Our prices range from $16,968 to $25,831 which include all standard inclusions.

Optional extras can be fitted to our Brumby model series only. See below for full list of our Campers model, prices and optional extras.

Teardrop Camper Model (Standard Inclusions)

Brumby LS               $17,700

Brumby                     $22,,800

Kasbah                     $17,634

Brumby 121             $23,100

Grand Tourer GT      $25,831

Optional Extras

Each Brumby model has own unique optional extras. Check out Our Range for full list of customisable features and cost.  


On The Road & By The Campfire

Yes, they are 12 volt powered but there is an option for 240 volts if required. This adds to its convenience of being able to rock up to a powered site and be relaxing into your holiday very quickly.

Yes. Most standard teardrops have sleeping room for two adults in the main cabin. You do have the option of adding a rooftop tent to allow more sleeping room. Some of the bigger campers can fit up to five people, but most trailers won’t accommodate more than that.

Teardrop trailers are an excellent RV option for those who live with a “get up and go” philosophy.

Travel trailers and RVs last up to 25 years, making them an excellent investment, depending on how well you look after it.

Our trailers’ quality-built and small stature means they are very economical: low cost and low impact and you won’t be pouring money into other resources – because teardrop trailers are among the smallest towable vehicles on the road.

Our campers range between 330kg – 760kg, making them very lightweight, so even a small 4-cylinder car or trike motorcycle can tow them – you don’t need a 4WD and you won’t be burning much petrol to haul it.

All the materials we use are all low emission:
● Structural plywood with waterproof glue
● Aluminium composites
● Aluminium sheeting
● Wool bat insulation
● All LED type lighting
● AGM deep cycle batteries
● All chassis are hot dipped galvanized
● Inside surfaces all sanded and clear coated in water-based polyurethane
● All glues we use are waterproof
Our trailers are also so compact, they fit in a standard garage.

No, you can’t stand up in a classic teardrop camper.

The campers’ roof is insulated with wool and the plywood walls are a natural insulator.

We use H-rated car tyres on our campers so you can easily go the legal limit with no problems at all. Technically, H-rated means the tyre is approved for speeds of up to 210km/h.

The teardrop aerodynamic design makes them wind-resistant, making it easy to drive.

All road models don’t need brakes but all the off-road models do need electric brakes.

Yes, anyone with a full drivers licence can drive a teardrop camper, no special licence is required.

After Sale Care

A. Yes to a certain extent, please contact us to talk about your requirements.

Travel trailers and RVs last up to 25 years, making them an excellent investment. However, the longevity of your trailer’s life depends on how well you take care of it when you travel.

About The Teardrop Camper Company

A. Mechanical Engineering / Designer